About me

Hello, I'm Paul

I'm a developer with over 9 years of experience in web application programming. For the last 3 years, I have been working mainly with Wordpress and WooCommerce on the backend and frontend. I'm also skilled with MVC frameworks like Laravel 4 or 5 and I use this knowledge to build custom solutions for Wordpress and WooCommerce apps. I develop applications like social websites, e-learning websites, schedule apps, company websites, e-commerce stores and websites from scratch or based on third party plugins and themes.

I'm also skilled with Wordpress theme customisation and have the full understanding of RWD. My coding style follows the WordPress guidelines - which means I always try to make sure the client can upgrade the WP core and all plugins without messing up the individual changes.

Front-end skills

HTML59.5 / 10
CSS3 / SASS / LESS9.5 / 10
JS / ES6 / jQuery / AJAX 8.0 / 10
CSS Grides / Bootstrap / Foundation9.0 / 10
Gulp / Grunt / Webpack / npm7.0 / 10
React.js / Vue.js / Redux5.0 / 10
Photoshop / Gimp6.5 / 10

Backend-end skills

PHP 5.6 / 7.19.0 / 10
MySQL / PostgreSQL6.5 / 10
Laravel 4 / 5 / CakePHP8.5 / 10
Wordpress / WooCommerce9.5 / 10
WP Plugin / WP Theme development9.0 / 10
Docker7.5 / 10
OSM / PostGIS / Mapnik6.5 / 10

Additional skills

  • Team management and team leading, Code Review, Agile,
  • Soft skills, Contact with clients, trainings for clients,
  • Social media API's integrations (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google),
  • Creating and using REST services, JSON/XML API,
  • Implementing payment gateways (stripe, PayPal etc.),
  • Chrome extensions, PhoneGap/Cordova applications,
  • Working with large data storage in MySQL, AWS, Managing LAMP,
  • Code optimisation (refactoring, minimization),
  • Page optimisation (optimise load time, optimise schema, optimise for mobile views and for search engines),
  • Tools like Composer, Grunt, Gulp, Bower, Webpack, Wiredep,
  • GIT flow (used for every project), Continuous Delivery, Continuous integration,
  • SOLID, KISS, DRY, PSR standards,
  • Task management tools: Redmine, Trello, JIRA, Gitlab issues, Github issues, Teamwork, Asana.



years 2009 - 2012, Poland

Self employed. Learn of web technologies for creating websites, and mobile applications. Average 10 web projects per year. Work as a freelancer - front-end web developer. First big project - full stack development of product import platform from USA.

Silesian Wather Cluster

05 Oct. 2012, Poland

Project of website „Silesian Wather Cluster” with dedicated CRM and CMS system. Project founded by UE.

KOGGA.PL - Paul Cmachowski

01 April 2013 - 01 Jan. 2016, SOSNOWIEC - KATOWICE

Freelance work under Kogga.pl label. Managing team of developers and graphic designers. Accomplishment 25 projects by year.


15 Feb. 2016 - Now, Katowice

Work in Polcode(www.polcode.com) company as Senior PHP Developer and Team Leader. Participate in projects for foreign clients - mainly USA and UK. Development of soft skills and full stack technical skills.

Valued for

  • Expertise and proficiency in Wordpress and WooCommerce development,
  • Problem-solving attitude, get things done attitude,
  • Great responsiveness (consistent MON-FRI schedule, SKYPE, Google hangouts, Gmail, Slack, Rocket Chat availability),
  • English proficiency.


IT Technical School

30 June 2010, Sosnowiec

Completion of the IT Technical School in the " Zespół Szkół Elektronicznych i Informatycznych" in Sosnowiec. Specialization: internet applications.

BSc, Engineer - Information Technology

14 Jan. 2014, Gliwice

Obtaining the engineering diploma. Completion of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics at the Silesian University of Technology, majoring in Information Technology. Specialization: internet programming.


Get things done,
take care about details,
love what you do.