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Hello, I'm Paul

I'm a developer with over 12 years of experience in web application programming. For the last 5 years, I have been working mainly with WordPress and WooCommerce on the backend and frontend. I'm also skilled with MVC frameworks like Laravel or Symfony 4. I use this knowledge to build custom solutions for Wordpress and WooCommerce apps. I develop applications like social websites, e-learning websites, schedule apps, company websites, e-commerce stores and websites from scratch or based on third-party plugins and themes.

I'm also skilled with Wordpress theme customization and have a full understanding of RWD. My coding style follows the WordPress guidelines - which means I always try to make sure the client can upgrade the WP core and all plugins without messing up the individual changes.

Front-end skills

HTML59.5 / 10
CSS3 / SASS / LESS9.5 / 10
JS / ES6 / jQuery / AJAX 8.5 / 10
CSS Grides / Bootstrap / Foundation9.0 / 10
Gulp / Grunt / Webpack / npm8.0 / 10
React.js / Vue.js / Redux6.0 / 10
Photoshop / Gimp5.0 / 10

Backend-end skills

PHP 5.6 / 7.4 / 8.09.5 / 10
MySQL / PostgreSQL7.0 / 10
Symfony 4.4, Laravel 4 / 5 / 68.5 / 10
WordPress / WooCommerce9.5 / 10
WP Plugin / WP Theme development9.0 / 10
Docker7.5 / 10
OSM / PostGIS / Mapnik6.5 / 10

Additional skills

  • Team leader, Agile, Scrum
  • Soft skills, Contact with clients, trainings for clients,
  • Social media API's integrations (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google),
  • Creating and using REST services, JSON/XML API,
  • Implementing payment gateways (stripe, PayPal etc.),
  • Chrome extensions, PhoneGap/Cordova applications,
  • Working with large data storage in MySQL, AWS, Managing LAMP,
  • Code optimisation (refactoring, minimization),
  • Page optimisation (optimise load time, optimise schema, optimise for mobile views and for search engines),
  • Tools like Composer, Grunt, Gulp, Bower, Webpack, Wiredep,
  • Git flow, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Docker
  • SOLID, KISS, DRY, PSR standards,
  • Task management tools: Redmine, Trello, JIRA, Gitlab issues, Github issues, Teamwork, Asana.



years 2009 - 2012, Poland

Self employed. Learn of web technologies for creating websites, and mobile applications. Average 10 web projects per year. Work as a freelancer - front-end web developer. First big project - full stack development of product import platform from USA.

Kogga.pl - Paul Cmachowski

01 April 2013 - 01 Jan. 2016, Sosnowiec - Katowice

Freelance work under Kogga.pl label. Managing team of developers and graphic designers. Accomplishment 25 projects by year.

WordCamp Poznan 2018

6-8 July 2018, Poznan

Speaker at WordCamp Poznań 2018. The subject of the presentation: "WordPress and plugins as MVP base for commercial projects"

Polcode - Senior PHP Developer

15 Feb. 2016 - September 2019, Katowice

Work in Polcode company as Senior PHP Developer and Team Leader. Participate in projects for foreign clients - mainly USA and UK. Development of soft skills and full stack technical skills.

Develtio - Senior Dev / Team Leader

September 2019 - now, Katowice / remote

Participate in projects for significant local clients - mainly from Poland. Development of WordPress + WooCommerce and Symfony 4 skills.

Valued for

  • Expertise and proficiency in Wordpress and WooCommerce development,
  • Problem-solving attitude, get things done attitude,
  • Great responsiveness and responsibility
  • English proficiency
  • Combining a business and programming approach


IT Technical School

30 June 2010, Sosnowiec

Completion of the IT Technical School in the " Zespół Szkół Elektronicznych i Informatycznych" in Sosnowiec. Specialization: internet applications.

BSc, Engineer - Information Technology

14 Jan. 2014, Gliwice

Obtaining the engineering diploma. Completion of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics at the Silesian University of Technology, majoring in Information Technology. Specialization: internet programming.


Get things done,
take care about details,
love what you do.